Kristen West McGuire

Looking for the Queen of the Possible? Here I am!

Writing, Editing, Research, Interviews, Ghostwriting, HTML quick-fixes, taming unruly file cabinets (virtually or on-site)...

...let me help you find your audience and tell your story!

Copyedits and fact checks

Details matter. Need a grammar Nazi AND a nerd to check your links? Here I am.

Content edits and ghostwriting
Kristen will tell you if your prose is too "70s" and if your zingers really zing.  Not sure you're up to writing it? Just talk...she'll type!

Creative PR and content marketing 

Social media has upended PR best practices. Let Kristen stalk your customers for you!

Interview and trend analysis

People love to talk to Kristen...and she can match up the money quote with the trend you're tracking. 

Website copy and social media

Lead visitors to click...and links that matter to your bottom line, not a virtual hornet's nest.

Let's make it happen! Contact Kristen today to set up a complimentary consultation on your project, large or small.
Kristen West McGuire
Great Falls, MT

the queen of the possible
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